First up, we listen carefully to you.

  • Whether it's upgrades or configuration to speed and simplify your work or just annoying problems to solve, our mission is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

  • We leave the techno speak to others and communicate in plain English.
  • Whether you're a major company or home alone, we treat you as an individual and offer an individual solution.

  • Firewalls and Viruses? Piece of cake.

  • Network your computers? Whether 2 or or 22 we'll get it right so you can get on with it.
  • Remote data backup to keep all your data private, safe and secure.

    It is easier than you think and could save you from your worst nightmare.

  • VPN's and remote access set up and explained.

  • We buy direct from wholesalers, so there is no retail mark up for you to pay.

  • We will build and configure systems to match what you need and want.

  • Installation and upgrading of your hardware and software to work with new or previously owned resources.

  • Our attention to configuration is geared to maximising performance

  • Leasing options from a reputable firm that specialises in IT and system infrastructure.
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