• Ever find that your children do not have either the time or patience to teach you what you need to know?

  • Are you frustrated when your computer freezes or you can't seem to get it to do what you want it to?

  • Ever find that you respond better to a one on one approach?

  • Want to learn how to keep the PC working more efficiently?

  • How best do you learn?
    Some like reading manuals (best of luck!) and others try the on screen help. For speed of learning and the best retention while focussing on your particular needs, the best method of all is one on one training with a real person at your computer. We offer training in a wide range of areas including Internet configuration and browsing, specific software or just the knowledge needed to get your PC running efficiently and keep it that way.

Follow Up
All age groups and experience levels are provided for and follow up calls on what was taught are are part of the service.

Too Expensive?
Forget your past experiences or the notion that personal training will break the bank. Our rates are very fair and think of the endless frustrating hours that are lost looking for solutions or just working slowly through lack of knowledge.


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